Mayra Cutiva & Yul Amado

Mayra Cutiva

Mayra Cutiva

Mayra Cutiva is the founder of the online salsa course “Cali style salsa” that teaches people of all countries how to dance the social style salsa of Cali.

Professional dancer with over 15 year experience, started her career at the age of 6 in “Fundacion Salsa ballet de Colombia” where she gained extensive experience nationally and internationally doing different shows and performances for private and corporate events, marriages, inaugurations, as well as sporting and social events conducted by the city of Cali.

After retiring from Fundacion salsa ballet de Colombia she moved to Medellin to start her own dance studio “Santo baile” in 2012 with the purpose to train dancers from a very young age and help professional dancers from different countries get better and improve their dance style for dance competitions.

One of the things that motivates her career is to use dancing as a means of expression to bring joy and happiness to many people.

Dance is life!

Yul Amado

Yul Amado

Yul Amado is Co-founder of  the “Cali Style Salsa” online salsa course, he has been dancing for more than 16 years, he started dancing when he was very young at “son 14” dance company in Cali Colombia and now he works as a promoter and organizer of salsa events and shares his knowledge teaching salsa in “Santo Baile” Medellin-Colombia.

One of his biggest passions is helping people learn Cali style salsa online as a way to achieve their potential and of course enjoy life.

He assists people online  from all over the world that have the desire to make their lives better by dancing Cali style salsa because he knows that it is the perfect way to meet people, make friends, make couples happy, increase confidence get in shape, reduce stress, and cure depression.

He welcomes people that want to take Cali Style Salsa Online.